"a letter" - is a photography exhibition of two Azerbaijani women photographers Sharaf Naghiyeva and Fidan Nazimqizi presented by f3.7 union and curated by Emin Mathers.In this exhibition they are going to share the letters from past and to the future.Both of the photographers are caroling the feminine strength and beauty along with a veil of elusive emotions, experiences, moments, play of light and shadow.

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Sharaf Naghiyeva

Sharaf is a portrait photographer based in Baku, Azerbaijan. The main theme of her photography is the Individual, self-expressed through portrait, fashion or nude photography. With Emin Mathers, she has founded f3.7—a photographers' union—to share exciting reviews, online exhibitions and other photography-related news.
Want to get to know someone well? Take their photograph. Sharaf says her creative energy flows in two directions.
It runs towards the model in the viewfinder just to make a u-turn and hit back with the dreams, fears, and aspirations of her subjects. In the same vein, this creative process becomes a confessional of sorts for the photographer as well, bringing forth unintended or unrealised thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. It is a dialogue of an extremely private nature that removes all boundaries. But for Sharaf, it is the best form of communication and discovery.
for more: www.sharafnaghiyeva.tilda.ws
Fidan Nazimqizi
Fidan was born in Baku in 1991. Studied Library Information and Science, Light and Composition University - Diploma in the Fundementals of Photography.
She works in an accounting sector. Has many publications in major photography magazines. Fidan generally takes black and white photos. Her love to photography comes from belief that photography can give us energy, feelings, and inspiration in life.
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about "a letter" and our previous exhibitions
«Письмо в будущее»: азербайджанские фотографы подняли тему взаимодействия поколений
На днях в бакинской галерее NUR Art Houseсостоялось открытие выставки «A letter» («Письмо»), на которой были представлены работы двух фотографов – Шараф Нагиевой и Фидан Назимгызы.
«Обнаженные плечи, самонадеянные коты и Каспийское море» — Рассказ о фотохудожницах из Баку
Шараф Нагиева и Фидан Назимгызы – молодые фотохудожницы из Баку, и поводов говорить о них вместе можно найти множество, несмотря на кажущееся кардинальное отличие.
В Баку проходит выставка-фотопослание «a letter»
В Баку в галерее Nur art-house открылась фотовыставка с особой концептуальной задачей. И дело даже не в том, что в основе экспозиции «a letter» – работы двух современных молодых фотографов...
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