Exposed pieces talk about reality of a photographer, artist, and ultimately a human life. We invite a viewer to peer eyes with the artists and understand their backgrounds through the image as well as accompanying text. The image in this case will serve as a mirror to emphasize similarities between the the artist and the spectator.


Tatia Tsertsvadze

Photography is my speaking language, the best way to self-understanding. Every picture is a history from the past that was felt once. Since it's the same as me, it resembles me a lot. There was a time when I had to work on the theoretical material, and it was tiring for me to think about the texts and contexts. At this period of time, unconsciously, as a kind of like protest, I started capturing parts of the face from where we produce texts. That's how this series have been created, which I named "without context".

Fidan Nazim qizi

"Reality of Dreams"
I took both photos in Gryz, one of the remote mountain villages of Guba. After printing the photos, I tried to turn them into dream versions by adding chemical solutions to them. All because in dreams, we can always see what we see just like that. Colors are mixed, and hazy Photos are both real and dreamlike.

Emin Mathers

One of the desires of a visual artist is to develop a vision of the supernatural, i.e. to increase the perception potential of a wider range of color waves. The most abundant amount of soft above-violet rays of light in the natural environment was observed during rare sunsets in lilac-ultraviolet tones. I've been watching this phenomenon for the past few years. Not finding enough information, therefore, the name of such a phenomenon, received the definition of ephemerality.
More on: E P H E M E R E A L I T Y

Medina Rzayeva

What incredibly draws me to analog filming is its roughness and relief. Returning to my land after a long absence and discovering new feelings for its "roughness" I was unable to stop staring at it through my lenses.

Just like Absheron and Shamakhi's horizons,
like a recently loaded film in my favorite camera, -

Our relationship with this land has always been embossed and immensely alluring.

Kamil AbbasZade

- In the northeastern part of the Absheron Peninsula, there is the largest island called Pirallahi. The bridge that connects the island to the coast may be seen via a narrow strait. I was there when it burned in the light of the setting sun, and I couldn't skip the moment without taking a picture of it on film. The sun burns out in ecstasy, and I keep my way home amidst the noise of the waves and the east wind.
- If you move away from the city to the southwest, you can see the TV tower and the whole neighborhood of Bailov. This area was an admiral's town at the beginning of the last century and was not part of the general infrastructure of Baku. An unforgettable view of the sea and surroundings opens here from the ledge of high cliffs. Since there are not many people here, you can walk in silence, which will be broken only by the shutter release of your camera. Only occasionally, when the wind blows hard, the hum of the air masses dissected by this huge man-made structure joins it.

Sharaf Naghiyeva

In this series, I shared my point of view on fundamental concepts such as human solitude in circumstances of an accelerating outer world, and consumerism, which leads to even more acceleration. We take pills to sleep, to be in harmony, and not to see ourselves as lonely and lost as we are. We are more closed, we are more traumatized, and we are more lost than ever before. We surround ourselves with the "symbols" of a happy life, forgetting or becoming farther and farther from ourselves. But is loneliness increasing, or is it a condition that humans have always experienced at various times in life? In other words, are we becoming lonelier or just more inclined to recognize and talk about the problem?
Art Fair date & time:
05 October - 08 October / 2023

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