"Black Sea" Poti 2022
- International Photography Festival in Georgia
We had a chance to be a participant of "Black Sea" supported by the City Hall of Poti between 9 - 16 July. The mentor of the festival was a well known Georgian photographer Guram Tsibakhashvili.
Participants were representing Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus and Lithuania. F37 was happy to present the Azerbajanian photography community in the presence of Sharaf Naghiyeva, Malak Bayramli, Lali Binyatova and Emin Mathers. A new artistic relationship was built between these four countries. During the residency artists visited nearby villages and Batumi city. The produced photographs will be exhibited in Poti, Tbilisi, Vilnius and Baku as a result of the residency.

Sharaf Naghiyeva
I was starting my way in photography by shooting black and white film. Georgia and Georgian photography despite its colors and warm feelings that it brings are always associated with black and white, high contrast grainy images. So it was a good chance to see how it would be if I didn't switch to color.
Malak Bayramli
As a photographer I addicted to show the color red in my works nowadays. In the following photographs I tried to display my red addiction. Enjoy watching and find your red!
Emin Mathers
Through this period, I heard several stories, for example, how grateful the townspeople are to Niko Nikoladze. And also local customs in the city and in general in Georgian culture - such as the culture of production and consumption of wine.
Then while photographing, editing, receraching and preparing monotypes, I found the essence of what was heard in Poti.
Lali Binyatova
While in Poti, the shots themselves were presented to me, sometimes I got the feeling that they had been waiting for me for a long time. People overflowing with vital energy - easily released it in front of the camera, making photos special and loved in their own way.
Poti city library / Poti, Georgia / 08.10.2022
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