"Watch to hear"
photography exhibition held in frames of KOLGA Tbilisi Photo 2022.

The purpose of this exhibition is to expand the range of activities of contemporary Azerbaijani photographers. Some of the series presented are telling sincere intimate stories, some are all about documentaries on regional communities, while the rest are whispering about the dearest Azerbaijani neighbor, - the Caspian Sea.

Each photograph can be heard: the more visual information we collect, the clearer will be the sound appearing our mind.

The curator of the exhibition, F37 is an independent photography union that was established in 2020. The union directs its power to the fact of building a healthy eco system that aims to connect communities around contemporary photography. F37 has already successfully held 5 exhibitions in its homeland; Baku, Azerbaijan. The "Watch to Hear" exhibition is ready to welcome the visitors with the big range of the photographers presented. The following Azerbaijani photographers are featured at the exhibition: Lali Binyatova, Chichek Bayramly, Rasul Guliyev, Emin Mathers in collaboration with contemporrary poet Leyli Salayeva, Orkhan Abbasov, Nana Raghimova - Gafarova, Fidan Nazimqizi and Sharaf Naghiyeva.
Nana Raghimova - Gafarova
Parallel memories
Fidan Nazimqizi
What is real?
Rasul Guliyev
Island on mountains
Chichek Bayramly
Summer. Drifting
Orkhan Abbasov
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