How confident can you say that your reality is the most real?
What are all these stories and fairy tales told to us in childhood about?
In each story, a person finds something that is similar to his view of the world and responds to it.
Everyone reads what they mean.

This series is an attempt to identify the concept of sin, to answer the question - whether the story of Adam and Eve is the prototype of
an individual story? Like mine?
Would there be a life if there was no apple?
Would there be a pearl if there was no grain of sand?

It all starts with a self-portrait as an opportunity to enter my own world and get to know myself, my masculine side, through which I can see my femininity and accept this duality. Observation the "fall", birth and self-determination. There are three hypothetical narrators in this story, and the reader himself determines on whose behalf he listens to it.

I, while insisting that I am the narrator, understand that all these may be an illusion.

Curated by Emin Mathers
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